LeMieux Merino+ Dressage Numnah Half Lined

LeMieux Merino+ Dressage Numnah Half Lined


  • LeMieux Merino+ Dressage Numnah Half Lined

    These top draw Dressage Numnahs are half lined with the finest 100% natural Australian Woolmark accredited Merino Lambswool and have a classic straight cut.

    • The flexible backing expands and contracts as the horse moves
    • Dense and soft dynamic wool structure consistently moulds to the back
    • Integral strength of pads make them tough on the rigours of wear and regular washing
    • Spine is swept up at the wither relieving pressure on the withers
    • Finer and shorter wool lines the spine to provide comfort and allows air to flow through the pad
    • The stiffer spine gives the Numnahs very good shape and stability under the saddle.


    There is now a strengthened girth strap protection area with double adjustable velcro straps for ease of saddle fitting. Ideal for putting competition numbers & logos on.

    It’s well known there’s nothing better for a horses back than natural wool – it promotes blood circulation, is fully breathable, and helps to maintain the optimum temperature in summer and winter. It regulates humidity, controlling the breeding of bacteria and viruses and prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores.

    If washed carefully on a wool cycle (max 30 degrees), or by hand, with LeMieux Wool Wash or non-biological powder or liquid these pads will last for years. Always air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or place directly on a heat source