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Saddle fitting information

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Saddle fitting for the competition rider:

Saddle fitting is a corner stone to improved performance in the competition horse. 

As the muscles develop, grown and tone, subtle ongoing alterations in your horses saddle fit can have a huge results.

Sophie’s enthusiasm and drive to become the best in her field ensures that she works closely with all professionals involved in a competition horses athletic demands and developments. During the past year she has attended two courses with Russell Guire, who advises the GBR teams for bio mechanics, which specialises in horse and rider performance analysis. This enables Sophie to further her saddle fitting qualification with the movement of horses and how that interacts with the horses back, shoulders and overall movement. “We are really lucky to have some of the leading UK farriers all within the East of England and I often liaise closely with them, vets, physios as well as trainers.

Saddle fitting is about more than flocking or fitting.  It is about turning your knowledge and experience creatively into what works for each horse as an individual.  Saddle fitting is certainly not a one size fits all. Being part of that horse and rider combination and working within a team.

During periods of extensive changes, through maturity, training or age whilst competing the demands of subtle saddle changes can be weekly.  Horses really can change shape incredibly quickly.

Saddle fitting for the everyday rider:

Hacking out, riding club and all round fun with your horse, although requires a good saddle and saddle fit does not put the same level of demands on your saddles.  However, for maximum comfort and your horses performance it is something that needs to be looked at at least twice a year.  

Sophie is able to flock to adjust the fit of your saddle to ensure that you get the saddle that your horse needs for optimum performance without having to loose your saddle, Regular saddle checks are really important for not only your horses fit, but your safety, and we recommend you have at least two per year.

Diet changes, from summer to winter alters weight significantly and subsequently fit as well as long summer hacking alternative to short days and restricted riding hours.


  • £50 call out - covering full fitting and profile of one horse.
  • £20 per extra horse belonging to the same owner.
  • 40p per mile for the first 50 miles and 80p per mile thereafter from our Wymondham office.
  • All other services are charged separately and are dependent upon time and materials taken to complete the job.