Flex-On Safe-On Safety Stirrups

Flex-On Safe-On Safety Stirrups


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  • Flex-On Safe-On Safety Stirrups


    • Retractable Safety Release Arm
    • Ultra-lightweight Strong Frames
    • Innovative Frame Design
    • Ergonomic Foot Bed with ‘Ultra-grip’ Studs
    • Shock Absorption Technology
    • Reduces strain on riders joints
    • Encourages a better leg position
  • The Flex-On Safe-On Safety Stirrup is a brand new revolutionary design- the ultimate new generation stirrup featuring a unique flexible arm for increased safety. The Flex-On Safe-On Stirrup has been designed using a combination of high-tech engineering expertise and a pro-level competitive riding background. The Flex-On stirrups offer an exceptional, stable, comfortable and safe ride based off of new innovative shock absorption technology designed to cushion the movements of the rider and improve technical performance. The Safe-On Safety Stirrup features all the same components of the Green Composite Stirrup with the addition of improved safety features.