Roeckl Gloves – Grip

Roeckl Gloves – Grip


  • Roeckl Gloves – Grip

    “It fits like a second skin.”

    Often imitated, but never equaled: The Roeckl Grip is the unmistakable original.

    Touch-screen compatible

    Size Guide Below

  • Its uniqueness is clearly tangible. As is often the case, it is the details and especially the materials that make all the difference. Roeckl Grip is an exclusive material. It is extremely breathable, elastic and supple.

    Convenient: The Roeckl Grip is machine-washable at 30 ° Celsius (86 ° Fahrenheit).


    Open your hand and place a tape measure around your base knuckles (do not include the thumb). Now make a loose fist and measure the circumference.
    The European glove sizes for adults are measured in old inch (French: pouce). One pouce is approx. 2.7 cm. Size 8 is therefore 8 pouce = 21.6 cm.



    16.2cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 6.

    17.55cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 6.5.

    18.9cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 7.

    20.25cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 7.5.

    21.6cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 8.

    22.95cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 8.5.

    24.3cm divided by 2.7cm = Size 9.

    The given sizes are just a guideline.