Stübben Equi-Soft Girth Pad

Stübben Equi-Soft Girth Pad

From: £119.00

  • These are the removable pads to go on the Equi-Soft girth. The special design of the Stubben Equi-Soft girth allows the central pad to be changed in seconds. Riders using the girth on more than one horse, may require different pads for each horse so we have decided to sell these separately.

    Fits girths from 55cm to 145cm. 

    Please Note: These must be used in conjunction with the Stubben Equi-Soft Girth


  • The Stubben Equi-Soft girth uses an ingenious and exclusive system of elastic rings to offer perfect girth pressure distribution, eliminate the feeling of pressure and results in a happier horse when being girthed. 

    It’s unique design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise and the elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage, maintaining a uniform tension. In a comparative study of girths, all horses, without exception, maintained much lower heart rates when using the Stubben/Equi-Soft girth. 

    The girth design allows the central pad to be changed in seconds, we offer these additional pads for sale individually. There is a choice of sheepskin, leather and neoprene.